The Modelica language is developing. Today it is increasingly used for more than pure simulation, but for model exchange, optimization, and model analysis. Hence the language "grows" considerably and captures new application areas.

The 8th International Modelica Conference takes place at the Auditorium Centre of the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany on March 20th - 22nd, 2011. It brings together Modelica users, library developers, tool vendors, and language designers. The program covers modeling of complex physical systems with Modelica in a wide range of research and industrial applications. In addition to traditional paper presentations and poster sessions attendees have the choice of several Modelica tutorials for beginners and advanced users.

The event is organized by the Modelica Association and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Design Automation Division EAS. About 100 papers and posters will be presented to about 300 participants from 23 countries. Eight tutorials will be given and 15 exhibitors will present their Modelica related products.

This will continue the success story of the Modelica language.


Dr. Christoph Clauß
Program Chair

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